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Topsonic Inc., founded in 2004, may seem like any new importer and distributor in the town of Los Angeles, California. However, its intense offering of basic electronic accessories as well as outstanding packaging and its ability to maintain a high standard of quality-consistency across a large product line more than indicates that Topsonic is not just any random company n this industry after all. Topsonic does have more than 10 years of Professional knowledge in this field including production and commercial trade. Ever since 1995, its initiator has been conducting the related industry locally and nationwide.

Topsonic Inc. offers varieties of related products with proficient touch and also is armed with invaluable experience in packaging designs. Topsonic Inc. carries some of the most innovative ideas in double blister packages. In fact, Topsonic Inc. has developed over 200 different items for its double blister packaging with its well-known logo TOPZONE. The brand TOPZONE set off alongside with the company and has represented the heart and the reputation of the company ever since. What makes these product lines different from the others? The answer is that Topsonic products have a much higher presentation than similar products on the market not to mention its excellent quality control overseas and locally. There is no doubt that the company’s expertise has given Topsonic added advantage over competitors in the industry.